Friday, April 29, 2011

How To Get Egg | Ninja Saga

To get egg on this event you must know many thing's of egg first. There is 3 kind of egg on this event which based on 2 resource boss & thief.
  • Egg From Boss (Monster Egg)

  • Egg Normal (Sage Egg)

Egg Normal (Sage Egg)
There is 2 kind of sage egg look at the picture..
Part 1 is easy to get, any enemy you fight (boss / thief) will drop it. but part 2 is different. There is 2 way to get it from share egg and kill thief. This is how you can get the egg part 2, if you found the thief look at his egg first :

Look that thief carefully, he don't bring the egg part 2 on his bag, than you will not get the part 2. Than the gift you will get is just part 1.

But this thief was bring the part 2 egg. He will droped some part 2 egg..

However, we can't choose who's enemy will we fight..
If you meet your enemy who don't bring egg part 2, press RUN. And go again to fight it one more time, your enemy you fight will change.


Anonymous said...

whaaaaaaaaaaat ?
i don't know it before..
you late.. however, thank's for your info..

Uciha Clan said...

im really sorry if im late too tell you this trick..
thank you for comment..
keep visit this blog & bookmark it..

Anonymous said...

do you know whose thief got the 3rd egg on the part 2?

Uciha Clan said...

any thief (who got the egg bag) will drop egg part 2, but we still don't know which egg..

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