Friday, May 6, 2011

+ 10 TP Hack Every Day

You will needed this tool to make the cheat work.

Tools :

-Net Frame Work.
-SWF File.

This time i will post about how to get more TP :

  • Run your Ninja Saga with mozilla or google chrome.
  • Run the Fiddler.
  • Clear Cache on your browser.
  • on tab "autoresponer" checklist "enable automatic responses" & "Permit passthrough for unmatches request"
  • drag the SWF file to autoresponder tab (tab which you have checklist before).
  • clear cache 1 more time.
Clear Cache :
Tools > Clear Recent History > Clear Cache > Everything > Clear Now

Remember change the file code first (selfish).
Go to the special mission and search your TP mission, there will spawn 4 TP training (kekkai in the forest, another TP scroll, wired potion, & 1 more) every day.
thank's to visit this blog..



Anonymous said...

can you make a cheat that allows you to bye TP with gold only and not with tokens.. :)

please make a cheat like that.. thanks. :D

Uciha Clan said...

I think TP & Token is the most harder to be hacked, because it's link with payment..

but i will search the cheat like that..
by the way, thank's to visit this blog..

Anonymous said...

hey bro ! are the cheats posted in here are undetectable by the developers of ninja saga?

Anonymous said...

yes.. but the previous cheats are.... they are patched.. some users are banned and some just doesn't work or just disconnected...

@Uchiha: your right.. but the publish thing.. i mean.. the sharing thing might be the way to make lots of tokens.. :) i hope you can help me learn the talent that requires emblem.. :D

Anonymous said...

can you post a cheat for gold tokens and tp. ? haha

Uciha Clan said...

please make a name when you post comment..
it will make me easy to answer your question..

by the way, thx for comment..

lampard said...

i try this before, last time ill try it was 100 % work, but now sometime it was detect (disconnect) from ninja saga if i complete the 4 mission (talent mission)..

please fix this out..

Uciha Clan said...

@lampard : yes, its true sometimes that you will disconnected if you finish that 4 mission..
i suggest u to finish 3 mission first, than refresh the page and do the last mossion again..

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