Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Head Quarter & Shop

You will needed this tool to make the cheat work..

Tools :

How To Run :

  • Run your Ninja Saga with mozilla or google chrome.

  • Run the Fiddler.

  • Clear Cache on your browser.

  • On tab "autoresponer" checklist "enable automatic responses" & "Permit passthrough for unmatches request"

  • Drag the SWF file to autoresponder tab (tab which you have checklist before).

  • Clear cache 1 more time.

  • Clear Cache :

    Tools > Clear Recent History > Clear Cache > Everything > Clear Now

    Check "Head Quarter" and "Shop"..
    thank's to visit this blog..

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    sexy said...

    100% work, tnx...
    please visit this site...

    thank yu...

    Uciha Clan said...

    ur welcome..
    and thank's to visit this blog..

    didien™ said...

    how this cheat work ?
    what this for ?

    Uciha Clan said...

    @didien : this main cheat is atm exp (from selfish zero) but we add new shop too..

    thx for visit this blog..

    ades said...

    Ur Best Guys..!!!!

    Uciha Clan said...

    thank you,.

    Anonymous said...

    Ur the best of the best !

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