Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Token Share

You will needed this tool to make the cheat work.

Tools :

-Net Frame Work.
-SWF File.

This time i will post about share token :

  • Run your Ninja Saga with mozilla or google chrome.
  • Run the Fiddler.
  • Clear Cache on your browser.
  • on tab "autoresponer" checklist "enable automatic responses" & "Permit passthrough for unmatches request"
  • drag the SWF file to autoresponder tab (tab which you have checklist before).
  • clear cache 1 more time.
Clear Cache :
Tools > Clear Recent History > Clear Cache > Everything > Clear Now

Go to shop, and find token or anything you want to share.
thank's to visit this blog..



Anonymous said...

i used it.. i was so excited cause i published lots of them.. but when i claim the tokens with my other account i only get 50 xp each.. please fix this..

Anonymous said...

and by the way.. i also tried to use the other options.. some says "error" some doesnt even click at all.. and some disconnects you from the server..

Uciha Clan said...

im really sorry about that..
last time ill try it was work's..

I will try to share another cheat, when i got it..
and thank you very much to visit this blog..

Anonymous said...

its ok.. :)
thank u so much.. i wish you can fix it as soon as possible.. this is my favorite cheat of all. and second will be the emblem cheat if you can make one.. please pm me in my facebook hehehe.. :)

Uciha Clan said...

for now, i can't give it..
but if you want to try open "emblem mission" not the "emblem status" i have made on my older post..

Uciha Clan said...

by the way, thank u for ur advice..

Anonymous said...

deret guna fiddler.Dh la aq x reti!!

Anonymous said...


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