Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chunin & Jounin Exam + Auto Pilot

Instan misi chunin
Instan misi Jounin
Instan misi Tensai special Jounin
40 TP
Hack 500 point elemet
recruit Npc
Auto pilot
Hack daily Task

Tool's :
-Swf File's

How To Run :

  • Run your Ninja Saga with mozilla or google chrome.
  • Run the Fiddler.
  • Clear Cache on your browser.
  • On tab "autoresponer" checklist "enable automatic responses" & "Permit passthrough for unmatches request"
  • Drag the SWF file to autoresponder tab (tab which you have checklist before).
  • Clear cache 1 more time.
Clear Cache :

Tools > Clear Recent History > Clear Cache > Everything > Clear Now

Check "Head Quarter" and "Shop"..
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Talent on Ur Skill


Swf File  [Download]

First Equipt
-Fat Woman Transformation
-Dragon Fist
-Head Kick
-Cannonball Strike
-Swift Kick
-Three Combat Rapid
-Rapid Kick
-Rapid Fist

Then Drag Swf File In fiddler2
Clear Browsing Data
Refresh Ninja Saga
Then Done

source selfish-zero