(player vs player)

On ninja saga game you can fight another ninja on around the world, by clicking "live pvp" on the arena. On live pvp you and your opponent can controlled your own ninja to fight each other. You can start the pvp by clicking "quick fight" on the "kunai & shuriken icon". Pvp make you able to chat with your opponent, you can share your opinion and the else while you still battle.

How to Start a Fight?
-Go to Arena or Battle to enter PvP
-Choose Server 1 or Server 2 to enter the PvP lobby
-Click Quick Match to start a battle with a random online user!

Quick Match
Press "Quick Match", and the system will automatically select an opponent whose level is similar to the player.
If the matching is successful, the players will be sent to the battlefield and they can start fighting.
When the player is waiting for matching, he can cancel the matching at anytime.
Waiting time varies for players of different levels, depending on how many online users are at similar level with them.

PvP battle is similar to all other battles. Nonetheless, players have to take note of the followings:
  • Players have 20 seconds to decide what kind of attack he should use each turn. If the player does not take any action after 20 seconds, his turn will be automatically passed.
  • Players can only use up to 5 scrolls in a battle.
  • The player whose HP became 0 is the loser, and the other player is the winner. They may choose to rematch or they will be sent back to the PvP lobby.
  • If one of the players refreshes the page or gets disconnected, the battle will automatically stop. The other player will be sent back to lobby.

After a battle is finished, the system will let the players choose whether they want to battle again. If both players click "Yes", the battle will start again. If any of the players click "No", both players will be sent back to the lobby.
Players can rematch for up to 3 times.